Trump's ridiculous new platform

Since I don't promote this online journal anywhere, I don't have to worry about speaking my mind on a recent announcement by Donald Trump about his new "platform," entitled "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. This was being touted awhile back as a new social media platform, which it is absolutely not. The thing is, all this site does is allow Trump to post material that's pretty much the same as his infamous Tweets, without actually using Twitter or Facebook. Users can't actually respond with anything other than a "heart," and then they can share the post with their friends on Twitter or Facebook. I wouldn't be surprised if Twitter and Facebook ultimately begin rejecting posts that are shared from the site. I guess we'll see.

As usual, this is simply an opportunity for Donald Trump to continue the same thing that gave him such delight during his presidency: attacking his opponents in a format that his devoted fans will love, and that everyone else tries desperately to ignore.

I imagine this will also be the platform where he first announces his intention to run again in 2024. (I'm beginning to think that will almost certainly happen.) At that point, God help us all.