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Studio C/JK! Studios

Several years ago, I stumbled on a sketch comedy show from byuTV (the broadcasting arm of Brigham Young University) called Studio C. Over the past couple years, the show has become a favorite in our family. This video is just a small example of the hilarity Studio C has provided us... Just a few months ago, the ten original cast members of Studio C (Matt Meese, Jason Gray, Mallory Everton, Whitney Call, Stephen Meek, Natalie Madsen, Stacey Harkey, James Perry, Adam Berg, and Jere...

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): A Rookie Anglican Guide - Anglican Pastor

The Book of Common Prayer (BCP): A Rookie Anglican Guide You can’t be curious about Anglicanism for very long without running into the Book of Common Prayer—commonly abbreviated as the "BCP" or referred to as the "Prayer Book." Common Prayer? More like complicated prayer! Based upon the title, you might reasonably assume that there’s just one BCP out there. But then you type "Book of Common Prayer" into Google, and you’re faced with an overabundance of BCPs! Why are they refer...