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Blogging Shakespeare

As Shakespeare's birthday draws nearer (April 26 is generally seen as the traditional date), I've been getting back into blogging about Shakespeare, one of my main passions. I'm going to begin a reading plan in another week, beginning with Hamlet, and attempt to read the Complete Works on my own. That should be interesting, as I've never read all the Sonnets and other poems. I'm pretty sure I've read most or all of the plays, although several are more precious to me than others: Hamlet, Much ...

How Many Books Are There in the World?

I've never considered this, but this article from Mashable makes me wonder: how many books have been written? I agree with the author of the article...the number Google came up with seems low to me.

Do We Actually Know What Shakespeare Looked Like? Mental Floss

Happy Chinese New Year!

My Lucy is super jazzed about Chinese New Year this year! She made a "Happy Chinese New Year" sign, and put it on the front door. So she was very happy to see the Google Doodle above. Happy Year of the Pig!

Shakespeare Allowed!

Once a month, on the first Saturday of every month, the Nashville Shakespeare Festival hosts Shakespeare Allowed! at the Main Branch of the Nashville Public Library. We read the plays in the order in which they were written (according to scholars' best guess), reading each speech in turn. My daughter and I try to attend every month! Fun...