Blogging Shakespeare

William Shakespeare - Wikipedia

As Shakespeare's birthday draws nearer (April 26 is generally seen as the traditional date), I've been getting back into blogging about Shakespeare, one of my main passions. I'm going to begin a reading plan in another week, beginning with Hamlet, and attempt to read the Complete Works on my own. That should be interesting, as I've never read all the Sonnets and other poems. I'm pretty sure I've read most or all of the plays, although several are more precious to me than others: Hamlet, Much Ado, Lear, Othello, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet.

I would also like to me more active on, and I think I shall volunteer at the Nashville Shakespeare Festival this summer. Every once in awhile, I still think about the prospect of auditioning for a Nashville Shakespeare Festival production, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to make scheduling work.

One thing I really haven't done too much with my Shakespeare blogging, that I'd like to try, is a bit more analysis of the plays and their language. After all, I've done a pretty fair amount of reading about several of Shakespeare's plays, and I do enjoy digging into the language, to see what makes it tick. I've reviewed films and videos, and done the occasional review of an edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works, but I haven't done a whole lot of sustained analysis. So at some point in the near future, I'd like to give that a try.

Meanwhile, I have other interests besides Shakespeare, and from time to time, the Bard ends up taking a back seat, as it were. So many interests, so few hours in the day!