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Blogging Shakespeare

As Shakespeare's birthday draws nearer (April 26 is generally seen as the traditional date), I've been getting back into blogging about Shakespeare, one of my main passions. I'm going to begin a reading plan in another week, beginning with Hamlet, and attempt to read the Complete Works on my own. That should be interesting, as I've never read all the Sonnets and other poems. I'm pretty sure I've read most or all of the plays, although several are more precious to me than others: Hamlet, Much ...

What is Evernote?

And why don't I remember having an account? (Because I apparently DO have an account.) I've been looking at alternative platforms for blogging. I don't know why, because I've already got plenty of blogs. But there's a certain restlessness in my blogging soul, and so I'm always looking for something that will make my blogging easier...or more interesting. Apparently this online app can connect to a free blogging platform called So at the moment, I'm testing out that connection. L...