Cory Howell

Trump's ridiculous new platform

Since I don't promote this online journal anywhere, I don't have to worry about speaking my mind on a recent announcement by Donald Trump about his new "platform," entitled "From the Desk of...

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Diablo Swing Orchestra

This is one of my favorite bands. One of these days, I need to see them live!

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It worked! It WORKED!

I don't know what changed, maybe was having technical difficulties today. But I've been trying all day long to re-connect my Evernote account with my Corybanter blog, and all...

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Scratch Pad - Apr 12, 12:11 PM

I'm curious as to what the Scratch Pad does, once I write something. How about a Hamlet haiku? A Ghost is walking The Prince is wearing black clothes "Too too solid flesh..."

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Picture 1

Blogging Shakespeare

As Shakespeare's birthday draws nearer (April 26 is generally seen as the traditional date), I've been getting back into blogging about Shakespeare, one of my main passions. I'm going to begin a...

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