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Evernote sucks, so this blog is effectively DONE.

I just discovered that currently limits free users to ONE notebook and only 50 notes. That's pretty worthless to me, so it looks like The Great Corythosaurus may be finished. I'm just not willing to go Premium with Evernote, because it's not that awesome. If anyone's been reading, I thank you, and you can check out my other blogs at Peace out.

Blogging changes

Well, it's happening again. Weebly has been changing into more of an e-commerce platform than its earlier incarnation as a blogging platform, and I'm not finding it nearly as easy to use anymore. So I've been moving some of my blogs around a little. Here's where we are - located at Googel Sites now, instead of Weebly, and includes links to all of my other blogsBible Bookshelf - still on Weebly (the Tumblr version didn't work out)Baker Street Babble - moved to Tumblr (bake...

Trump's ridiculous new platform

Since I don't promote this online journal anywhere, I don't have to worry about speaking my mind on a recent announcement by Donald Trump about his new "platform," entitled "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump. This was being touted awhile back as a new social media platform, which it is absolutely not. The thing is, all this site does is allow Trump to post material that's pretty much the same as his infamous Tweets, without actually using Twitter or Facebook. Users can't actually respond with ...

The Complete Works of Shakespeare: Free, Online, Full Texts by William Shakespeare

I just discovered this public domain, basic text version of Shakespeare's Complete Works. It seems to be pretty nicely laid out, so I may use it from time to time. The Complete Works of Shakespearethe full text of every workby William Shakespearefree and online

Online Productions — The Nashville Shakespeare Festival

I'm watching this Romeo & Juliet right now, and really enjoying it. (I will watch the production of Midsummer Night's Dream later.) Kudos to the Nashville Shakespeare Festival for creating these truly unique production! Consider giving one or both of them a view. They are available for online viewing for a modest donation. Online Productions In lieu of Winter Shakespeare 2021 and our live educational touring productions, we are offering two virtual Shakespeare experiences: a 5-actor ROMEO &...

Diablo Swing Orchestra

This is one of my favorite bands. One of these days, I need to see them live!

It worked! It WORKED!

I don't know what changed, maybe was having technical difficulties today. But I've been trying all day long to re-connect my Evernote account with my Corybanter blog, and all of a sudden it worked! Oh happy day!

Recommended Shakespeare Editions: Arden, Oxford, and Cambridge – Waggish

Clip source: Recommended Shakespeare Editions: Arden, Oxford, and Cambridge – Waggish Recommended Shakespeare Editions: Arden, Oxford, and CambridgeThis page contains my recommendations for critical, annotated editions of Shakespeare’s plays, followed by a selection of my favorite criticism. Almost all of the plays have enough references and ambiguities that it’s worth having a knowledgeable guide to consult with and to agree and disagree with. I don’t claim to be an expert, just an informed ...

Review: ‘The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition’ – The Oxford Culture Review

January 16, 2017 Review: ‘The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition’ With any new publication, especially concerning the "universal" bard, it’s worth asking, ‘Who is this for?’ The New Oxford Shakespeare is no different. Coming to us from general editors Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan, Oxford University Press’s fourth iteration of the complete works is actually not one book, but four: The Complete Works: Modern Critical Edition (under review here...

Scratch Pad - Apr 12, 12:11 PM

I'm curious as to what the Scratch Pad does, once I write something. How about a Hamlet haiku? A Ghost is walking The Prince is wearing black clothes "Too too solid flesh..."